About etc. photography&design

Blending the best of both worlds - graphic design with photography. Kelley has created a niche offering with etc. photography & design. With a full range of services from logo design, business print collateral to website design, right through to portrait photography and generating a company’s own image library.  

etc. photography & design works with like-minded people and small businesses and prides itself on individual flair and an eye for detail.  


About Kelley

Starting her career as a press photographer, Kelley’s OE then saw her working in a photographic studio in London, before returning to New Zealand in 1996.  At that time, the changing nature of photography, with more and more being generated on computer, led Kelley to further develop her graphic design talents and etc. photography & design was born in the year 2000.

A natural ‘people person’, Kelley relates well to folk from all walks of life and cares passionately about telling an individual’s, or organisation’s story visually.


About Photography

Kelley’s photojournalist background continues to influence her work, as she creates images that capture a real moment be it with nature or between people. 

The talent that Kelley possesses behind the lens enables her to inject warmth into her imagery, while encapsulating the essence of people and their connection.

“I aim to exceed my clients expectations when it comes to seeing themselves in an image”


About Design

Offering options, advice and guidance, Kelley works alongside her clients, keeping them involved in the design process, removing the worry whilst leaving the client to get on with what they do best.

“Often people don’t know where to start in developing their visual identity. I like to visit each client and do my homework – seeing the environment they work in, their product and getting a feel for what they are about”

Up front cost estimates mean no hidden surprises and a phased approach to delivery allows small steps for small businesses, making it affordable for everyone to look good.  

Kelley is thorough in her delivery, providing all the design elements needed, in user-friendly formats and with accompanying brand guidelines around what to use where and when. 


"Kelley very quickly interprets what it is you are trying to achieve, whether it is a certain style, design or the content, and hits the mark every time with what she produces."